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   neighbourhood development, domotics, healing-environment Innovation dementia, community currency, return on social investment

The user perspective is our starting point in innovations in housing and care. Users are often, just like organisations, blinded by their situation. The art of our work is to take our client on a journey of innovation, sometimes quite literally, to analyse their needs and look for inspiration towards solutions in a much wider perspective. For example cutting edge ICT development is happening in formula one racing and defence technology. They can teach you about data transfer and ambient technology.

With leading institutes in the Netherlands and Europe HabiPro has researched and developed projects that are truly user oriented. Your clients and your staff are your key assets.

HabiPro developed an innovative and simple tool to enable management and professionals to execute and monitor community building projects on guidance of social and economical return on investment. By combining these aspects together in one tool it has become possible to weigh financial and social aspects of interventions against each other.

Neighbourhood development can be achieved through use of a variety of possible interventions. HabiPro believes that housing, care and welfare organisations should combine their efforts together with other stakeholders to maximise the effect of their interventions. It is all about achieving better levels of communication and interaction in neighbourhoods.  It is about knowing who lives in your street. Economical interventions are sometimes more powerful in effect than renovation. HabiPro works with leading organisations in the development of community currencies and incentive models that will bring about sustainable change and social and economical uprise in your community.

With leading architects en environmental psychologists and engineers we develop models for living with care that create a healing environment. Colour, light, space and functionality are being integrated to a collective vision of not only a healthy but also an empowering environment. And this is just the first step. To use this new potential, a new vision on how to organise and perform healthcare services is needed. For example a revolutionary model of dementia care called Psychobiografical Care, that has shown to restore cognitive functionalities that were lost. It even helps implementing other emerging models like dementia care mapping in a more effective way. Or models to deescalate unwanted or agressive behaviour by using specific environmental stimuli preventing undignifying interventions.